Site Characterization, Remediation and Monitoring

Site Characterization,
Remediation and Monitoring

MSE’s environmental remediation staff have extensive experience in conducting site investigations and characterizations that determine the presence and extent of contamination. MSE staff are competent and experienced in developing programs and processes to remediate and/or monitor contaminated sites. Our approaches include providing our clients with cost-effective solutions that satisfy regulatory requirements.

Examples of our previous contaminated sites investigations and remediation efforts include the following:

  • Investigating the presence of unidentified underground fuel storage tanks
  • Excavation and proper disposal of contaminated soils
  • Implementation and monitoring of dewatering treatment systems
  • Groundwater characterization and monitoring
  • Implementation and monitoring of soil remediation systems (such as land farming and land spreading)
  • Providing on-site environmental oversight on projects occurring in contaminated areas

Underground and Aboveground
Storage Tank Investigation

MSE staff are proficient in both underground storage tank (UST) and aboveground storage tank (AST) assessments, investigations and remediation efforts.
USTs and ASTs have the potential of contaminating the environment through a spill or release which may be caused by any of the following: leaking tanks, overfilling, falling off stands, being compromised during excavation efforts, inadequate secondary containment, etc.

Through the use of sound remedial management methods, technical expertise, and regulatory awareness, MSE is able to provide our clients with the services needed and the confidence in knowing that their concerns are being met.

Spill Response
and Cleanup

MSE staff are knowledgeable and efficient at performing spill response activities on a wide range of sizes and pollutants. From  one gallon spilled to thousands of gallons spilled, MSE personnel respond expediently, equipped to assess the spill, notify proper authorities, and begin the containment and remediation efforts.
Examples of our previous spill response efforts include the following:

  • Releases from aboveground home heating oil tanks
  • Hydraulic, gear oil, and fuel spills resulting from damaged equipment
  • Electrical transformer oil spills
  • Spills of unknown origin and content identified on project sites and right-of-ways


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